CaliforniaCannabisInitiative.org is all about the movement for full legalization in the State of California.

I started this blog to sound off and have a voice in a very important time in modern day history, and I suggest you do the same. We are all entering the dawn of a new day. The recent start to reassess some of our archaic, unjust drug laws by our leaders represents only one of many positive undercurrents of activity currently emerging on our planet.

I for one have seen first hand the damage that cannabis prohibition can do to one’s life and could never stand behind any opposition to full legalization, whether taxed or not. I will never support the government telling its citizens what they can or cannot put in their body and arresting them for it. Cannabis legalization is a good beginning to correcting not only our faulty laws on pot, but also how we deal with the problems harder drugs cause in our society. This progress can simply not be achieved by keeping medical marijuana in its current quasi-legal ever-changing status in California. We’ve got to go full legal, now let’s get there and show the rest of the country how it is done – again.

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Legalize Recreational Use In California