Obama Says About Cannabis What We’ve Known All Along

Dispensary JarRecently, President Obama made statements about cannabis use that were suprising to some and downright infuriated others. I for one, give this guy a ton of credit to be able to speak to an entire nation and just simply state in layman’s terms what most US citizens in their right mind already knew:

Will Obama’s Remarks on Marijuana Boost California Legalization

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What President Obama’s statements on marijuana might mean for full legalization in California.

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I am not sure when if ever an American President has ever spoken to the public in the common-sense, frank way that Mr. Obama has and I am glad he did.

In short, what the man is saying is cannabis is nowhere near as dangerous as alcohol and it is high time (no pun intended) we stop buying into the age-old propaganda that was perpetuated by mostly racist, misinformed, and/or malicious people damn near a century back.

The idea that weed is dangerous substance people should be arrested and jailed for is as ridiculous now as it was the first day it was signed into law. It was doomed from the start. After all, a law that is based on control and profit at the expense of the people’s rights could never truly be just. But it is a damn shame it took so many years and destroyed so many people’s lives. They don’t get to press rewind when cannabis is legalized.

You cannot blame the people who are in an uproar over what he said, they simply believed what they were taught in school and had shoved down their throat every waking minute of their life since the day they were born. Not everyone is born with same tendency to question the law and rules they are born into.

I think sometimes though as humans, one of our most precious gifts – the ability to re-analyze our beliefs in the face of new information and … wait for it … change our mind is most often over looked. Mostly because to move on to new ideas you have to admit you are wrong. So can we all grow up and do that and fix this drug war mess we have on our hands? I for one think so.

So how will all this relate to the legalization efforts here in California? Only time will tell, but i I certainly can’t see it hurting any. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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